SCS Shop has been providing gymnastics & sports clubs with T-shirts 4+ years. With a dedicated team from East Anglia in Norfolk & Suffolk we are extremely dedicated to providing the gymnastics and sports community with quality clothing with bespoke logos.

SCS Shop was started within the EA Gymnastics clubs, whilst the EA Gymnastics clubs were expanding it clear that the shop needed to expand and produce more clothing to keep up with demand. We decided it was time to set up our own company to carry on the production of EA clothing. In the meantime, were always asked if we could produce clothing for other clubs, with this in mind, it was time to spread the love and help the wider gymnastics community.

Your brand and design your clothing

We are dedicated to help the gymnastics and sports community. It is extremely important to have smart uniform, and to also use it for marketing purposes.

Our Mission

Elevate Your Gymnastics Club’s Identity:

Our clothing company specializes in printing unique logos for gymnastics clubs on premium apparel. We understand the importance of fostering confidence and a sense of fun in every gymnastics club’s environment.

As a gymnastics club owner, you’re dedicated to providing the best experience for your athletes. However, we recognize the challenges you may face in ensuring that your club stands out and receives the recognition it deserves.

Our mission is to support you by offering custom apparel that amplifies your club’s identity. Our high-quality clothing, adorned with personalized logos, helps create a distinct and unified look for your athletes, coaches, and supporters. By partnering with us, you can elevate your club’s brand, instill confidence in your members, and foster a sense of unity and pride within your gymnastics community.

Let us collaborate in outfitting your club with apparel that reflects its spirit and dedication. Together, we can create a lasting impression and inspire confidence in your club members while making your gymnastics club a beacon of excellence in the sport.